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FreshWhisker-Felt Cat Cave Bed

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  • Spacious to provide the purrfect spots to play, nap, or hide away
  • Satisfies your cat's natural instincts for hide-and-seek
  • Crafted with strong, scratch-resistant felt - it's built to withstand playful paws and last for years to come.
  • Comes apart with zipper for easy storage and is hand-washable for effortless cleaning.


Plant residual from Pea, Water dissolvable Bentonite

Free Shipping

Free Shipping when purchasing 2 or more packs of Tofu litter.

Usage Chart


1. Pour FreshWhisker PP Tofu cat litter into a litter box.
2. Please maintain a thickness of 2 inches or more for the best performance.
3. When cleaning the litter box, clumps are flushable and can be disposed in the toilet.
4. When replacing the litter, please put the old litter in a trash bag. Please DO NOT pour the whole box of old litter into the toilets.

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Double Effective

Compared with traditional cat litter, the same amount of tofu cat litter can last more than twice as long. Excellent water and odor absorption ability also reduces how often
cleaning is needed!

Fast Absorbing

The plant fiber composition instantly absorbs liquid preventing cat urine from getting on the cat's paws and spread it elsewhere.

Less dust and less Tracking

FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter is made with larger particles, which can effectively reduce dust and tracking. Reduce the frequency
of vacuuming.

Bacterial and Odor Prevention

FRESH WHISKER™ 5 in 1 Mix Tofu litter locks in unpleasant smells and reduce odors through its included deodorizing elements. FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter has a unique structure allowing better air flow to reduce moisture and neutralize bacteria growth.

Safe Ingredients

Compared to traditional cat litter, FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter can significantly reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, skin irritation, and chronic diseases caused by harsh chemicals.

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