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Fresh Whisker | All-natural Tofu Cat Litter

At Fresh Whisker™, we're not just providing a solution for your feline friend's needs; we're revolutionizing the way you think about cat litter. Our brand story is one of innovation, sustainability, and a deep love for cats.

Ultimate Odor Control

With Fresh Whisker clumping technology, our tofu cat litter conveniently clumps together for an easy clean up and can be flushed down the toilet very easily. Our odor control is like no other. In addition to being easy to clean, our all-natural tofu cat litter keeps cat’s litter boxes smelling fresh & clean locking in unpleasant smells with its own included deodorizing elements. 

With Fresh Whisker, your furry cat’s litter box is now hassle free!

Fresh Whisker is the most reliable natural and organic tofu cat litter for your furry friend! Our Tofu cat litter is totally flushable & compostable with eco-friendly ingredients that is safe for both your cat and the environment. No need to worry about your cat’s litter box anymore.

Our Goal?

Our goal is to bring a little more purrfection into the world! We're all about creating products that make the pet happier, their human's life easier, and the world better. Let's work together to make the world a happier, healthier place - one purr at a time!

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Bacterial & Odor Prevention

5 in 1 Mix Tofu litter locks in unpleasant smells and reduces odors through its included deodorizing elements.

Safe & Natural biodegradable ingredients

Going green doesn't just feel good, it smells good too! Our plant-based cat litter is made from natural ingredients that are kind to your cat and the planet.

Less Dust Less Tracking

FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter is made with larger particles, which can effectively reduce dust and tracking. Reducing the frequency of vacuuming.

Double Effective

Compared with traditional clay cat litter, the same amount of tofu cat litter can last more than twice as long saving you time & money.

Fast absorption

Instantly absorbs liquid preventing cat urine from getting on the cat's paws and spreading it elsewhere.


How to use tofu cat litter?
Switching to tofu-based cat litter can be a great choice for both you and your cat, as it is environmentally friendly and is often a more natural option compared to traditional clay or silica-based litters.

Start by pouring Fresh Whisker Mixed Tofu Cat Litter into a litter box. Maintain a thickness of 2-3
inches or a bit more for the best results. Remember clumps are flushable and can be disposed of in the toilet but still be mindful of big clumps! Only solid cat litter should be placed into toilet & limit to 5 scoops or less per flush.

How often do I need to change tofu cat litter?
With FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter, it is recommended to change once for every 25-30 days for one cat, 15-20 days for two cats per one tofu litter bag. Life's a purr-sistent juggling act when you're a cat mom of three. In that case we’d recommend once every week.

Is Tofu cat litter flushable?
Absolutely! FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter is 100% flushable – but be mindful of big clumps though!

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