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FreshWhisker-5 in 1 PP Tofu Cat Litter

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Going green doesn't just feel good, it smells good too! Our plant-based cat litter is made from natural ingredients that are kind to your cat and the planet. 🌿🐾


Plant residual from Pea, Water dissolvable Bentonite

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Usage Chart


1. Pour FreshWhisker PP Tofu cat litter into a litter box.
2. Please maintain a thickness of 2 inches or more for the best performance.
3. When cleaning the litter box, clumps are flushable and can be disposed in the toilet.
4. When replacing the litter, please put the old litter in a trash bag. Please DO NOT pour the whole box of old litter into the toilets.

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Double Effective

Compared with traditional cat litter, the same amount of tofu cat litter can last more than twice as long. Excellent water and odor absorption ability also reduces how often
cleaning is needed!

Fast Absorbing

The plant fiber composition instantly absorbs liquid preventing cat urine from getting on the cat's paws and spread it elsewhere.

Less dust and less Tracking

FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter is made with larger particles, which can effectively reduce dust and tracking. Reduce the frequency
of vacuuming.

Bacterial and Odor Prevention

FRESH WHISKER™ 5 in 1 Mix Tofu litter locks in unpleasant smells and reduce odors through its included deodorizing elements. FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter has a unique structure allowing better air flow to reduce moisture and neutralize bacteria growth.

Safe Ingredients

Compared to traditional cat litter, FRESH WHISKER™ Tofu cat litter can significantly reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, skin irritation, and chronic diseases caused by harsh chemicals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lori Sekhr
Love this litter but needs to be tweaked a bit for automatic litter boxes

I have tried several different brands of tofu litter and I like your brand the best. I will be buy more for my conventional litter boxes anyway, but I know there are tons of pet parents like me out there that want to support small business, buy American and buy a superior product! If fresh whisker could just make their whit pellets into mini pellets that are about 2mm size they would be GOLDEN! Then I could use this product for all my lttterboxes. I know my cats prefer this litter so I’m hoping to hear that fresh whisker will have a mini pellet version soon.

Carole with an e
From Dusty Trails to Tofu Triumphs: My Quest for the Perfect Cat Litter

I have been switching this new litter for over a month now, got some time today and I would like to share the epic tale of my cat litter adventures – from clay to tofu, I've been there, scooped that. Extra clumping, non-stick, you name it. I even fell for the 'dust-free' organic corn litter. 'It's organic, it must be like fairy dust!' I thought. Nope, more like a dust storm in my hallway with adorable, yet dusty, paw-print souvenirs.

Then I hit the clay phase again, in a desperate quest for something less... dusty. Pine pellets entered the stage. Not gonna lie, they're like the budget ninjas of cat litter. But ever tried stepping on a pine pellet? It's like Lego for adults. And while they're easy on the wallet, my cats turned them into their personal ping pong balls.

So, the pine and I had a good run, mostly because they smelled like a forest and not like, well, you know. But then, my cats' paws got all diva on me. 'We shall not step on these hard pellets!' they declared. Some started doing acrobatics on the box edge, others just boycotted it altogether. Message received, feline friends.

Enter the hero of our story: Fresh Whisker Tofu Litter. Sounds gourmet, right? My cats thought so too. They ditched the pine like last season's fashion and fully embraced the tofu lifestyle. This stuff clumps like a dream, and cleaning the litter box is faster than a cat's sprint at 3 AM. With four cats and three boxes, it's like they're all lining up to use the tofu throne. And hey, one of the boxes is barely used – it's like the VIP lounge that nobody goes to.

Honestly, if you're as over the litter odyssey as I was, give Fresh Whisker Tofu Litter a whirl. It might not be everyone's cup of tea (or bowl of tofu), but it's worth a try. After all, who doesn't want to say they scoop tofu for their cats?

Hands down, the best Cat Litter!!!

I've tried virtually every type of cat litter available, from walnut and corn to natural, crystals, tofu, green tea, and pine. The green tea type was previously my top choice, but its high cost and short lifespan of only a week and a half were prohibitive. Walnut litter was a favorite due to its effectiveness, but it stained my cats' paws brown and left brown prints throughout my home, my light color sofa. Consequently, I've been on the lookout for a suitable alternative for years.

Managing litter boxes for my three cats has been a continuous challenge. When I ordered this particular cat litter, my expectations were low, based on past experiences with products that failed to deliver on their promises. Having been a cat owner my entire life, I've gone through numerous brands of cat litter, frequently switching them every month or every three months, always in search of the ideal one.

To my surprise, this cat litter has surpassed all others I've tried. Remarkably, it completely eliminates odor (there's no scent at all after a cat uses it) and maintains this efficacy for over two weeks without any hint of ammonia smell. Other litters I've tried, even those claiming to be the best and last a month, have never worked as advertised for me. However, this litter truly lasts and remains effective. I opt to change it every two weeks to maintain cleanliness, but it could likely extend to three weeks or even a month for a single-cat household.

With three cats, one notable benefit is the lack of litter tracking. The dust is almost non-existent — it's not 100% dust-free, but the minimal amount present is negligible enough for me to consider it as such. All my cats have taken to it well, and it's incredibly easy to scoop. Finally, after a long search, I'm pleased to say I've found the perfect litter.

Susan Hurley
My cats love it

I love how it is dustless and absorbs odor-

Nica Cruz
Great product just..

I personally have loved this product! Below I will list the pros and cons about the PP Tofu Cat Litter:

•Less tracking then the clay product litter
•Little to no smell
•Packaged well

•Sometimes there is a slight smell but not as noticable as other litters I've used for my fur babies
•Packaging kind of small for what I payed in my opinion (I mean this last time I ordered I paid 170 dollars plus change and sure I got 16 bags but that's only going to last me another month because it doesn't fill my girls litter boxes up the way it should; and what I mean is the litter boxes have to be at least filled up 3 inches or a bit more of litter for it to have enough litter in the boxes but it takes 3 whole bags for me to even get to fill it that way. That's the recommended amount it should be)